About CivilTraining. LLC

CivilTraining, LLC provides training, implementation and consulting services to the Civil Engineering, Surveying and GIS/Mapping communities. Our mission is to promote knowledge and best practices in the industries we serve, and to increase our clients’ profitability margin by helping these professionals become more productive through technology.

CivilTraining, LLC’s clients range from sole proprietors to ENR Top 100 firms, as well as local, state and federal government agencies. Commercial clients include all aspects of Civil Engineering and Surveying, and a wide assortment of related firms, including Real Estate Developers, Landscape Architects, Theme Parks and Environmental Consultants.

Our involvement with the Civil Engineering industry dates from 1984. Since 1987, the sole focus of our business has been services to professionals in Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, first in software development and then in education and consulting.

The flagship of our services is our hands-on training. Our training courses are based on a modular approach that allows us to easily tailor classes to individual client needs.

Recently, CivilTraining, LLC has entered into a new strategic partnership with Robotech CAD Solutions (Robotech) in Hoboken, New Jersey. This relationship will allow our clients to gain the competitive advantage through training, CAD and BIM services, and software. CivilTraining and Robotech personnel have worked together in other ventures in the AEC industry for over twenty years. The Robotech staff brings the same level of expertise to issues of licensing, subscription and software purchase that many are accustomed to and which is an especially important resource in these changing times with Autodesk software.