Building A Successful Civil 3D Implementation

CivilTraining, LLC takes a consultative approach to working with you to build an AutoCAD® Civil 3D® implementation, rather than trying to fit your needs into a pre-built template.

Civil 3D is an incredibly powerful platform for Civil Engineering and Survey, as well as a tremendous tool for deploying company CAD standards. Unfortunately, many clients implementing Civil 3D never realize either the power or potential of the program due to its seemingly overwhelming complexity. Using an off-the-shelf template provided by others misses the opportunity to incorporate company CAD standards, settings and plan requirements into the process.

Our experience with Civil 3D provides a fast-track through the products to the setup and configuration elements that will provide the fastest return in a successful and customized implementation. Our experience with styles, settings and project requirements from numerous and varied clients will help make the implementation process much shorterless painful and less expensive.

A Civil 3D implementation project with CivilTraining, LLC begins with a no-cost consultation with the key players in your organization. In this meeting, we identify the individual needs your company has related to the use of CAD software for Civil Engineering, Surveying and GIS/Mapping. Drawing on our experience with previous projects as well, we will take time to explore a variety of topics including:

  • Project File Structure and Project Creation;
  • Project Management and Organization for File Sharing;
  • Drawing File Organization and File Size Considerations;
  • Drafting Requirements and CAD Standards; and
  • Integration across Various Departments and Platforms.

Most firms have personnel who can develop the majority of the styles, settings and templates that will be required for a Civil 3D implementation. Our approach is to work with your key individuals, providing them with the guidance required to handle the majority of the actual implementation. Over a series of two or more consulting days we work with your staff to handle the actual preparation of the required materials, incorporating your CAD standards and drawing requirements into template files prepared by us specifically to allow customization of layer names, text styles, colors, lineweights and other AutoCAD® settings.

Based on the information determined and the availability of staff to handle the preparation of content, we will prepare a phased plan for your Civil 3D implementation project through testing, training and follow-up support. Along the way, we will draw as needed on our experience with related topics such as the use of Autodesk® Vault, programming custom tools for project folder creation and user rights management, the AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager in a Civil environment, and, through our development partner, SmartDraft®, the automated management of xref’s to reduce individual drawing size and increase performance.

Consider CivilTraining, LLC as your source for a more personalized and cost-effective Civil 3D implementation project. Contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation.