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CivilTraining, LLC offers a variety of instructor-led training programs on-site or from facilities in three states: New Jersey, New York and Virginia. We believe strongly in the value derived from live interaction between students and the instructor that can only be experienced in classes of this type and not duplicated in web-based programs. CivilTraining, LLC’s courses have received AIA approval and meet continuing education requirements for many states, including Virginia.

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Hands-On Training
The flagship of our training services is our hands-on training. Offered either on-site or at our facilities, our hands-on courses are based on a modular approach that allows us to tailor classes to individual client needs and objectives. Hands-on classes provide the student with the opportunity to master application tasks under the direct assistance of the instructor; students will encounter questions and difficulties in working with the solutions being taught, and the hands-on experience allows them to deal with these questions and issues with the instructor's guidance. Hands-on classes can accommodate up to ten students for most classes, with the exact limit determined by course content. Class duration is from one to three days.

Live, in-person training is conducted by CivilTraining, LLC under the stricter of the then-current CDC, State and/or Corporate guidance in effect at the time of commencement of the session. As of January 4, 2022, this guidance requires that participants in a CivilTraining, LLC in-person training session provide either a) a vaccination card showing that the individual is fully vaccinated, defined as 2 weeks (14 days) after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2 weeks (14 days) after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine, OR b) that the individual has received a negative COVID19 test within 48 hours of the commencement of the session.

While CivilTraining, LLC will make every reasonable attempt to conduct live, in-person training as scheduled, we reserve the right to switch an advertised session to remote learning if conditions warrant.

Portable Training Lab

Hands-on Training from CivilTraining, LLC can utilize our fourth generation portable training lab. Comprised of workstation class computers, the portable training lab provides a comfortable learning environment for students, yet retains a small footprint that makes the lab suitable for use in most conference rooms. Our fourth generation lab consists of ten workstations running Windows® 10 64-Bit, configured with 64 GB of RAM and NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. The CivilTraining, LLC portable training lab is configured with its own licensing and data server, including Autodesk® Vault capabilities for AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and Vault Collaboration training. The portable lab simplifies setup of on-site training, eliminating the need to move client workstations for training, or to borrow or deplete the client's license pool. Students are also isolated from their email and other applications during training, but can easily return to their own workstations during breaks to deal with issues that may arise. The CivilTraining, LLC portable training lab also employs classroom management software that permits the instructor to watch each student's progress on a computer adjacent to the instructor's station, permitting the instructor to sense whether students are keeping up with the exercise or may need additional attention.

The workstations in the CivilTraining, LLC portable training lab are monitored and can be controlled with a second computer at the instructor's station, which utilizes classroom monitoring software. The instructor's station can monitor up to 10 student stations, insuring that students are following the course of instruction and not falling behind. This permits the instructor to monitor each student's progress regardless of the room configuration. If necessary, the instructor can take control of a student's station to provide individual instruction, can send a message to the student's screen, or can reproject the student's screen on the classroom projector to illustrate for the class a solution to a problem that the student might encounter.
The entire CivilTraining, LLC portable training lab packs into Pelican® cases for portability and mobilization to a client's site for training. Each workstation arrives in its own case, along with cases for the instructors stations, servers, networking components and projection system. Projectors used by CivilTraining, LLC are matched to the widescreen format of the CAD workstations, insuring that students are able to follow the instructor's clearly, even in bright ambient light environments.

Civil 3D Short Courses
CivilTraining, LLC also offers a series of lecture-based modular courses on Civil 3D, called Civil 3D Short Courses. Civil 3D Short Courses, like other lecture-based classes offered by CivilTraining, LLC, are not hands-on, and students do not have computers in front of them. Although not a substitute for hands-on training, Civil 3D Short Courses serve as an effective introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D in short, easy to assimilate, two- to three-hour sessions. Each Civil 3D Short Course focuses on a particular task within Civil 3D, from navigating the interface, creating and managing Surface, Point, Alignment and other data, through Project Management and on to more advanced topics, such as Creating Corridors and Site Grading.

Continuing Education
Courses offered by CivilTraining, LLC are registered Continuing Education classes with the AIA, and meet continuing education/professional development requirements for Alabama, Delaware Professional Engineers, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee Professional Engineers, Texas Professional Engineers, Utah, and West Virginia.
The Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis course, offered by CivilTraining, LLC, is approved for Continuing Education Credits by the Association of State Floodplain Managers.

The State of Delaware's Board of Professional Land Surveyors has approved AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials, AutoCAD Civil 3D Intermediate and AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Essentials to fulfill the continuing education (CE) requirements for maintaining a Professional Land Surveyor license in Delaware.

CivilTraining, LLC is an approved Florida Board of Professional Engineers Continuing Education Provider offering Area of Practice courses approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers.

CivilTraining, LLC is an approved Continuing Education Provider for general continuing education credit by the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Continuing Education Provider License Number CE84.

The Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers has approved courses submitted by CivilTraining, LLC for continuing education.

CivilTraining, LLC is an approved Continuing Education Provider for Indiana Professional Surveyors by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

The Kentucky State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors approved CivilTraining, LLC's courses, AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials, AutoCAD Civil 3D Intermediate and AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Essentials, for Continuing Professional Development.

CivilTraining, LLC is an approved provider of Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) requirements for Maryland engineers and land surveyors, approved by the Maryland Boards for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Training courses submitted by CivilTraining, LLC have received preapproval status from the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects.

New Jersey State Board of Architects has approved submitted courses for continuing education (CE) credits; New Jersey State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors has approved CivilTraining, LLC's courses for CE of New Jersey Land Surveyors; CivilTraining, LLC is an approved provider to offer courses for CPC credits for New Jersey Professional Engineers by the New Jersey State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Each course provides pertinent information.
CivilTraining, LLC is an approved sponsor of continuing education for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors in New York State. NYS Sponsor #171. Note: New York Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors with dual licenses must determine which profession to credit the professional development hours, as credits are not allowed for a course more than once in a three-year registration period.

The North Carolina Board of Engineers and Surveyors has approved CivilTraining, LLC as an Approved Sponsor of Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) activities for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors licensed by the State of North Carolina.

The Rhode Island State Board of Registration for Professional Land Surveyors has approved continuing education courses and seminars offered by CivilTraining, LLC for Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for Rhode Island Professional Land Surveyors.

The Tennessee Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors has reviewed and approved CivilTraining, LLC's training courses for continuing education.

The Vermont Board of Land Surveyors has approved several CivilTraining, LLC professional development courses for continuing education. 

CivilTraining, LLC meets continuing education needs for Virginia Land Surveyors and Professional Engineers.

Custom Training
CivilTraining, LLC can provide custom classes tailored to the requirements and practices of industries utilizing the software packages we support. These include custom programs for Civil 3D, AutoCAD® Map 3D, AutoCAD® Land Desktop, AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® Raster Design. Our experience across many different industries supports our ability to offer specialized classes of this nature. CivilTraining, LLC regularly provides customized training programs to clients in the Landfill, Tax Mapping and Stream Restoration industries, among others.




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